Diffusion plates and polarizing filters

assem fldr i90a  diffuser

Diffuser plates provide a homogenous light distribution by eliminating the reflection of LED elements on the object being illuminated. Clear glass plates protect the light source. Polarization filters prevent reflections.

Diffusers for homogeneous radiation

The diffusers consist of an approximately 2 mm thick layer of acrylic with a rough surface and resin transparency. With the help of diffusers, the reflection of the LED elements on the object to be illuminated can be eliminated, as they provide for a diffuse light scattering.

diff a1
Model A1

Suitable for ring lights (FLDR):

  • FLDR-Si32B-DP
  • FLDR-i38B-DP
  • FLDR-i50A-DP
  • FLDR-i56-DP
  • FLDR-i70-DP
  • FLDR-i90B-DP
  • FLDR-i90B-AOI-DP
  • FLDR-i120B-DP
diff a2
Model A2

Suitable for dark field (FLDR-LA3):

  • FLDR-i74-LA3-DP
  • FLDR-i100-LA3-DP
  • FLDR-i132-LA3-DP
  • FLDR-i170-LA3-DP
  • FLDR-i220-LA3-DP
  • FLDR-i250-LA3-DP
diff a3
Model A3

Suitable for line light (FLDL):

  • FLDL-i24x10-DP
  • FLDL-i24x15-DP
  • FLDL-i44x15-DP
  • FLDL-i56x15-DP
  • FLDL-i74x24-DP
  • FLDL-i74x27-DP
  • FLDL-i86x15-DP
  • FLDL-i120x40-DP
  • FLDL-i150x15-DP
  • FLDL-i150x27-DP
  • FLDL-i180x15-DP
  • FLDL-i200x27-DP
  • FLDL-i240x35-DP

* When ordering a light light, the diffusers are already included in the delivery.

Custom Diffusers

Alternatively, we can manufacture transparent plexiglass protective shields instead of diffusers.
Upon request, we can also create custom sizes for you.

Polarizing filters against reflections

Polarizing filters prevent disturbing reflections on shiny surfaces such as glass surfaces, metallic objects, reflective plastic surfaces and more.

polarizer coin

Polarizing filters in all sizes are available for use with our lighting. We are happy to provide you with an offer upon request.