LIC-CA Controller

LIC-CA Current-Regulated Analog Control

lic ca2 lic ca2

With the LIC-CA2, FALCON responds to the increased demand from customers for a "current-regulating" controller.

With the LIC-CA series, FALCON is taking the path of current regulation, thus increasingly supporting users who want to get the most out of their lighting. The LIC-CA is intuitive to operate and reduced to the essentials. The essentials mean that in addition to the lighting, only a power supply and possibly a trigger signal need to be connected. In addition, current and intensity must be set on the device surface using the rotary knobs and the jumpers must be set accordingly.

Der LIC-CA2 verarbeitet zwei Trigger-Signale und schaltet diese auf die gleiche Zahl von Ausgängen.

LIC-CA Light Intensity Control

Model Type Input/Output Voltage [V] Power per Channel [W]
LIC-CA2 2 Channel Continuous-, Trigger-, Strobe-Mode 7-24V 2A : 2x24V = 48W per Channel

Compatible* with, among others

  • Allied Vision (AVT)
  • Baumer / VeriSens
  • Basler
  • Cognex / In-Sight
  • IDS
  • Keyence Vision Sensor
  • uvm.

*Assembly instructions and connection examples can be sent to you individually upon request. We are happy to assist you with the configuration.