LIC-VA Controller

LIC-VA Voltage-Regulated Analog Control

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FALCON has developed a controller to expand its product range, which is equipped with solid technology, easy to use, and cost-effective.

The LIC-VA processes one or two trigger signals and switches them to the same number of outputs.

The trigger signals can have 3.3V or 24V levels. The switching time of the LIC-VA is approximately 3μs. Despite short switching times, the LIC-VA can switch up to 48V and 5A per output in strobe mode. In continuous operation, up to 2A per channel is possible. The output voltage depends on the input voltage provided. The switching between the different operating modes is realized via jumpers. A simple potentiometer is provided for each channel for intensity control. Like the LIC-x256N, the LIC-VA also has 120 kHz pulse width modulation to prevent brightness fluctuations in image capture.

LIC-CA Light Intensity Control

Model Type Input/Output Voltage [V] Power per Channel [W] Options
LIC-VA1 1 Channel Continuous-, Trigger-, Strobe-Modus 12-48V 48W on 24V PWM
LIC-VA2 2 Channel Continuous-, Trigger-, Strobe-Modus 12-48V 48W on 24V PWM

Compatible* with, among others

  • Allied Vision (AVT)
  • Baumer / VeriSens
  • Basler
  • Cognex / In-Sight
  • IDS
  • Keyence Vision Sensor
  • uvm.

*Assembly instructions and connection examples can be sent to you individually upon request. We are happy to assist you with the configuration.